Friday, August 29, 2014

Where has JD been???

Well, lets start where the issue began - on April 20th, 2014....coming back from knee aches after running the Reston Marathon on 3/31/2014.  I was showing zach something with his swing and tweaked my hamstring/back.  What I did not realize that this was the beginning of a long and frustrating summer.  I bailed on the Pittsburgh marathon, then the Cayuga 50, then just about every other race I thought I could run.  I tried to run through it which set me back some time until I finally succumbed to PT.  I am finally back after months of PT for both my back/hamstring and finally up to 25 miles a week.  However, my achilles (left) still have some getting used to when running trails.  That said, I am signed up for the YUTC 50k however will be planning a DNF and only running the 25k portion becuase, lets face it, I am not about to get hurt again.  Heather has been solid and is training for the Oil Creek 100k and I will be pacing her on the back 50k.

I paced zach during his first 10k attempt in June and he did great.  I also paced him during a small 5k a few weeks back.  Things are going slow but I am coming back.  I just have to make sure and control the AT that pops up during the beginning cycles of my training. 

If all goes well, I may do the Marine Corps Marathon.  I deferred last year and am signed up for it this year.  That said, I have no time expectations and would be happy to finish

If that goes well, I am thinking about the Seashore 50k this year - however, we will see.