Saturday, April 13, 2013

Runniversary-Manassas Runway 5K

The Manassas Runway 5K was the official runniversary for the boys.  Last year was their first ever 5K at this race and kicked off a real love for racing.   Adorable video footage of Nickel's first 5K finish from last year including his finish line interview.

We were really excited about this race again as it is a fun race.  It is really close to us, it is completely flat, and we get to run on the airport runway near the planes. We showed up pretty early, but check in was a bit of a mess.  They were using some system where you had to pick up your bib separately from your chip and then the chip was a triathlon ankle bracelet that needed to be assembled.  This was all quite a hassle when you are doing this for 4 people and trying to get to the start on time.  The check in was so disorganized that the race ended up starting a little late.

 The 10K runners took off first, and then it was time for the 5K runners to go.  JD and I decided to switch up pacing duties so JD went with Nickel and I went with Zman.  Zman was looking for a PR so I let him go out a little hard.  He ran a 9:15 first mile and was really strong throughout that mile.  At one point Nickel caught up to us and hung on for a while and ended up with somewhere around a 9:45 first mile.

Grinding it out!

JD is auditioning for most photogenic racer!
I wasn't sure how much Zman had left in him so we slowed he pace a little in the second mile and ran that one right around 10 minutes including a water stop at the halfway mark.  I then told him that he was right on PR pace, but that I needed him to really push for the last mile.  He locked in and kept up a nice pace.  When we hit the final straightaway, I told him that I wanted his all out best effort.


I debuted my New Balance Cherry Blossom running skirt which was awesome!
He really started on a nice kick.  I saw another boy ahead of him so I leaned down and told Zman to go get him.  He kicked into a completely different gear and really turned it on. He mumbled something about feeling like he was going to puke.  I told him to run now and puke when he crossed the finish line.  He completely ran this other boy down from behind and left him in the dust to cross the finish line.  28:56!!! Awesome PR!  (and no puking)

The run down!
Nickel and JD crossed shortly afterward at 31:30...brand new PR for Nickel as well.

Daddy cheering him to the finish line!

We were so proud of their effort, and it was so awesome to see the improvement over a year.  Usually the age groups at these races are 14 and under so even a decent time for an 8 year old doesn't have a chance at placing.  We had to get to baseball practice so we took off.  We later found out that Zman placed 3rd in the 8 and under age group and own his first age group award.  Nickel was right up there in 4th place!!!

We all got cute little medals.

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  1. What a fun day, and congrats to the kids. I love that your whole family runs!