Sunday, June 16, 2013

PR Run with Dad 5k

So today, the boys and mom did the Run with Dad 5k sponsored by PR.  I took some time off after my 50k a few weeks ago and only ran about 10 miles this week so I was rather fresh but Zach wanted me to run with him.  Thus, I did not try to PR but looking back, I didn't think it would be possible given just b/c I had done ZERO speed work.  So we get to South Lakes High School in Fairfax today.  Hit the track for a small warm up and stretch...Run was at 8am and it was around 73F out and felt pretty good.  Apparently, we missed the national anthem b/c I didn't hear anything.  Zach who was 8 ran this course back in February and got a 30:06ish so he said he wanted to break that and his overall PR which was 28:56.  Out of the start, we were a doing 8:30 mile but it was hard to go faster given how small the trail was and all the people which included those ridiculous push strollers.  His first mile was 9:06 which was good since he need somthing like a 9:20 to beat his PR...Mile 2 was not good and he had got a stich in his right side.  I told him to slow down a little bit here and try and regroup.  I know the feeling but there is nothing you can do expect tell him to suck it up.  Mile 2 was around a 10 min mile....Moving on to mile 3, he tried to pick it up but ended up with a 9:57.  In the end, he got a 29:06 which was about a minute better than when he ran it in Feb.  Nic ran it in 33 minutes and was really proud of him to...I do believe he was the only 6 year old in the field.  Personally, I think he was sand-bagging it and could run it faster if he wanted to but hey, you can't push them or they will hate running.  During the first AS, zach accidentally cut off some old man getting water.  The old man shoots a nasty comment at me  - "He better watch where he is going or he is going to get crushed"..I told him not to worry about him and that I have run a race or two so I knew what we were doing.  This just illustrates the difference between these cheesy 5ks and the ultras I run.  Every tom, dick, and harry who think they are elite runners doing 10 min miles feel they can bark at some 8 year old and get away with it.    I was so pissed I was going to catch up to him and really say something but didn't as it would set a horrible example for Zach.  Plus, I knew this is the type of crowd you get at these races.  Zach ran a decent race but didn't PR which was no big deal.  One thing he did learn which I don't think he realized is running with  a stitch the whole way...Mentally, that is tough and it was good practice.  All in all, we had a good time ...from what I hear from Heather, some woman told her she was pushing Nicolas to hard...I almost laughed when I told her my story...Some people just need to mind their own damn business.  Zach said he wants to do an 8k in a few weeks which is about 4.9 miles and will be the longest he will have run...

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