Sunday, October 13, 2013

Heritage 5k - Rest just took a backseat to my EGO!

So heather says on Thursday, what do you think about running the Heritage 5k and I said...well, my left foot is still healing but sure, I can run with the kids and jog it out.  Welp, we roll up to Battlefield high school around 6:15...chill out, hit the can a few times b/c it doesn't matter if its a 5k or 100k, nerves always seem to get to me.  Heather meets up with her Moms run this town group, a great bunch of gals who are awesome.  I do a slow lap with the boys around the track one time to get the legs lose and the rain is coming down pretty good.  About 6:50am, we walk up to the line and I ask the boys, are you guys going to run by yourself or do you want me to run with you...both say they are going to run by themselves...well, ok, I figured I would go out with a decent pace and see how I felt...foot has been feeling good and the blisters have healed.  So the gun goes off at 7am and I take off, not pushing the pace at all looking back for zach and nic...thinking, should I stop and wait for them...I actually stopped at one point and thought maybe I should just jog it out at a 10 min pace.  But, my big EGO took over and I saw that there weren't a whole of people in front of me.  So my first mile had to be in the low 6's....There were a few guys in front of me and we came to the first hill and after last weeks 100k, I said, shit, I'll take this and more and passed a few people up the hill (yes, I had a big ego today) - However, we all know that if I ran a real race (i.e. PR race), I would of been middle packing it at best however, I did enjoy being top dog in a small race!...We headed up to long park, rounded the turn on our way this point we are about 1.5 miles in and I am feeling good.  So good, I passed a few more people from the long park entrance to the Battlefield high school road...I saw this older gentleman in front of me and thought he could be in my 40-44 age group, a unusually highly competitive age group and thought I will wait until the track to catch him.  Well, he picked up the pace and I said, stay with the track he turned it on so I stay with him still as we passed another person...rounding the final turn I saw him give a little kick so I turned whatever I had left from the OC 100k last weekend on which wasn't much and nipped him at the line by 1.2 seconds for 8th place overall out of 128 runners.  Here is my final time:

I ran a 6:46 minute mile pace over the 3.1 miles - what was  I thinking...maybe, I was thinking that if I can run this type of race 7 days after I run a 100k, I can do anything...don't know but EGO definitely got the best of me - personally, we all know this was not a smart move b/c I just ran a 17 hour 44 minute and 14 second 100k last weekend...but something happened when I toed the line, the adrenaline started flowing and I felt like, why not give a go and see how you do.  Additionally, it rained pretty hard the entire race but we had a great time.  I was actually pretty selfish in this whole race - heather had to stop and help a crying Nicolas (got a stitch) and ran the final 1.5 miles in with nicolas to get third place in her age group.  Sorry Heather - again :) I should of stopped and helped nic to let heather attempt to get a higher place, possible first place.  Here is a snapshot of my little trophy thing:

All in all, I think I came out of this race unhurt and will take the next few days off - maybe hit the bike instead of run to rest the foot some more.  I figured that since I ran my goal race this year, everything from here on out is gravy...I have some EX2 trail races in November but those will seriously just be training runs for my Seashore Trail 50k in December.  See you when I see ya.

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