Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tweaking your hammy 2 weeks before Pittsburgh

Although I had not planned on the Pittsburgh marathon to be anything more than a nice training run.   I had hoped it to be pain free so yesterday I am out in the yard and Zach is hitting balls off the tee.  I go to show that I want him to modify his stance a little and take a swing from the left side.  What do I do, miss the ball completely and land weird on my right foot and feet a little twinge in my right upper hamstring.  So yesterday, I spend the entire day icing and stim'ing the right hamstring.  Today, I was planned for a 10 miler but decided 7-8 was enough for me to see how things actually felt.  I got to Battlefield this morning around 6am, did some dynamic stretches on the legs but really didn't stretch much since stretching a "strained" hamstring is not protocol.  The first mile was slow and felt a few twinges in the right hamstring but for the most part, everything didn't feel that bad.  After the run was what I was waiting for b/c that will tell you everything.  I was a little sore/tight and iced it immediately.  I bought a TENS unit a few months ago that allows you to do stim work on yourself at home, it was about $150 and thought it was well worth the money.  Its a little sore and will most likely take the next few days off...depending on how things feel, I may even take Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off..Today is the 20th of April and the marathon is May 4th.  I should be able to make it to the marathon however, even though I ran Reston 30 days ago, I am not in that good shape - especially going into a marathon.  I am going to rehab it heavy for the next three days hard.  To boot, zach is running his first 10k on Sunday and I am his pacer.  I definitely don't want to let him down as he wants to break 1 hour since he is only 9, that would be a nice goal.

So we will have to wait and see how the next three days turn out <SIGH>.  To be continued!

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  1. Oh my! Sending healing thoughts to you. Intrigued by the TENS unit...