Friday, May 23, 2014

Bodies in Motion 5K-A Great Local Race!

Last Sunday the boys and I decided to do the Bodies in Motion 5K.  It was a fundraiser for the Blue Ridge Orthopedic Foundation to raise money for local charities.  They also collected used athletic shoes.

Pre race selfie
  It started at the WARF.  Zach needed another training run for his upcoming 10K, and Nic and I were going to enjoy a nice little run in an area where we hadn't run before.

Obligatory shoe shot
  I was able to pick up the packet on Friday with no problems at all.  The race t-shirt was nice, and we also got  a cute plastic mug.
Cool swag!

 Race morning was very organized.  We were able to use the bathrooms at the WARF. The 5K and 10K started right on time directly after the fun run.  Sarah Bowman Brown was there to start us off. Elliptigo was also there demonstrating so there were Elliptigo riders from The Running Store along the course as well.  Zach started closer to the front.  I ran with Nic and one of my running friends.  The course was a little hilly for the kids, but they did fine.  It was like a double loop around a neighborhood.  There were two water stops on the 5K course, and Sarah Brown ran by at least once encouraging the runners.  Zach said that he was afraid of not making the correct turns for the 5K and getting on the 10K course so he stopped at a few turns to ask the course marshalls if he was on the right course. 

Overall the signage was good, and the course marshalls did a good job of directing everyone to the appropriate spots.  A lot of the neighbors had also come out to cheer on the runners so that was fun to see families out on the lawn.  Zach finished in 29:23  11/22 for the 13 and under age group.
Zach finishing up!
Race director had a high five for everyone!

  Nic finished at 32:00  16/22.  My friend and I finished right after Nic because he gave a little finishing kick at the end and raced some other little guy in. 
Nic and another little guy racing to the finish!

The race director was at the finish line announcing and high fiving all of the runners. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.  It was a great little local race.  I would definitely do it again.

My friend and I just chit chatting like there is no race in progress.
Post race photo for Moms Run This Town
My little guy even made the slide show in the local newspaper.

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  1. It's great that your kids enjoy running races with you all! Hope mine do someday!