Friday, September 26, 2014

Youngstown Ultra 50k, but not really!

Ok, so I have been dealing with right hamstring and lower right back shit since April 20th or so.  I swung a bat the wrong way and I strained my back/hamstring in the process.  Originally, I thought it wasn't a big deal but that was a dumb move.  Either way, I rehabbed and was back to running a couple of months later.  At which time, I sprained my MCL and but did not tear anything.  Either way, 2014 is looking pretty dismal however I tried to sign up for the YUTC 25k but it was sold out in April...are you kidding me, a race in September?? Whatever, signed up for the 50k and would have to DNF at the 25k mark which was 15+ miles in.  So Heather and I trek on up to New Castle, PA...hang out with Heather's mom for a couple days before we drive over to Youngstown on the 15th for the race.  Race day morning was in the upper 40's, around 47 so I was going with my tech T and arm sleeves.  It turned out to be a good choice.  So we head over to Y-town and park in almost the same spot we did last year except they tore down the house that was there this year....I didn't ask the parking guard guy why they did that.  So I hit the dumper a few times to make sure all is cleaned out and ready to go.  We met up with Katie Peterson and Cody Gilbert who we first me at Oil Creek last year.  Heather, Katie, and Cody were all running the 50k, leaving me the lone turn bailing out at the 25k mark.  However, I knew it was the right call since I hadn't run more than 13 miles in one run and that was the week before.  The course was not that bad, a little hilly but overall ok to run.  It   did have its share of roots and rocky sections but then again, I only ran 15.1 miles of it.  Here are some shot of heather and during the race:

 Below is a breakdown of my splits, nothing flattering at all but was happy to be running again:

Split Time Moving Time Elevation Gain
1 12:11.0 11:48 91
2 11:35.3 11:36 54
3 10:58.1 10:57 80
4 16:08.3 15:52 110
5 11:29.7 11:29 43
6 11:05.3 11:06 46
7 10:29.9 10:29 30
8 11:07.7 10:57 43
9 11:45.9 11:46 41
10 10:55.2 10:55 20
11 10:35.5 10:36 24
12 11:05.1 11:04 66
13 11:33.8 11:12 36
14 12:20.5 12:19 21
15 12:19.6 12:20 85
16 1:37.3 1:11 --
Summary 2:57:18.0 2:55:37.0 727

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