Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 in Review and Looking Forward

Another amazing year of running!  I didn't have any personal PRs this year, but I did accomplish my big goal of the 100K.  That was my focus this year. I also had an amazing time watching the boys grow as runners. I ran 23 races for a total of ~269 miles raced of the close to 1700 miles that I will get this year.


Starting 2014 off with a family race at the Resolution 5K in Beaufort North Carolina where Zach got 3rd in his age group
Finishing Reston Runners Marathon in the snow after surviving 5+ hours of freezing rain and sleet.

ScoutStrong 5K with Zach where I placed 2nd overall female, and he won his age group
 Cherry Blossom-just because it's Cherry Blossom, and I love this race so much.  It's my run happy space.
Pittsburgh Marathon because who doesn't love Pittsburgh! Followed by Mother's Day 4 Miler with Zach who PR'd his 4 mile time.
 Herndon Festival 10K where Zach made his 10K debut and Nic got a massive 5K PR!

Summer track season where both boys PR'd their mile and were in the 7:30s, and we won the family relay.

 Youngstown 50K where I finally raced a 50K and felt good about it.  Big confidence boost going into Oil Creek.


 Oil Creek 100K!

Absolute best racing day of the year!  Richmond Marathon and 8K!  Great day for the whole family and the kids both placed in their age group.

Nic won the Turkey Trot 1/2 mile for his grade at school, and I had a ton of fun helping.

TAPS 5K where I won my age group, Nic got a PR, and Zach got 3rd in his age group.
Massive PRs and sub 25 minute 5Ks for both of these guys at the Prince William Turkey Trot.
Last race of the year, and Zach won his age group, and I was third in my age group.

Low Points!

Instant Trail Classic in March was probably my worst race of the year.  The heat got to me, and I didn't hydrate well.

 DNF at Bull Run 50.  Again hot temperatures, and I got in my own head.

So way more highlights than low points.  Even the low points weren't all that awful.  I got a record for distance this year, and accomplished my big goal. 

Big races on the list for 2015 include:
Blue Ridge Marathon
Glacier Ridge 50K
Mohican 50 Mile
Ultra MegaTransect
and maybe Virgil Crest 50 Mile and NCR Trail Marathon.


  1. Wow, great year! Sub 25 5Ks for both boys! Super impressive. Great accomplishments for you. Can't wait to hear about Blue Ridge Marathon. Happy New Year!!

  2. What a great year!! Congratulations! Love all the photos!