Saturday, May 9, 2015

Peroneal Tendonitis - day 27 of no running

So I am up in New Castle, PA and Heather is running the Glacier Ridge 50k trail race today.  It is supposed to be 90F by midday so I can only imaging what that will be like.  She is a real trooper and hope she does well today.  Actually, when I ran the North Fact 50k a few years ago, it hit 92/94 F and that was a brutal 7 hours.  Anyway, sitting in the Cranberry, PA sbux sulking over my foot and dealing with Peroneal Tendonitis in my left ankle/heel.  Hit the Physical therapy 3 times this week and have two next week.  I had this a few years ago and rested more and it didn't take this long to heal and was back to running within 3 weeks.  However, this time around, I am looking at every bit of 4+ weeks after the ankle roll.  Here was my biking schedule:

Monday the 4th:  road 10 minutes and did all my foot exercises and heel drops plus tons of hip/core exercises
Tuesday the 5th:  20 minutes on the bike
Wednesday the 6th:  20 minutes on the bike
Thursday the 7th:  20 minutes on the bike
Friday the 8th:  20 minutes on the bike
Saturday the 9th:  15 minutes on bike and walked .5 miles with Heather after dinner

I plan to hit the bike tomorrow for 30 minutes tomorrow and see how it feels.  Getting frustrated with this injury.  Its been 27 days (day 15 of physical therapy) since I have not run but atleast I have been biking some.  Supposed to have a reassessment of my physical therapy on the 26th of May which is two weeks away.  Was hoping to be running by next week but am starting to question that.  Flexibility and strength in left foot is really good but apparently the tendons are still sore.  Hard to differentiate between aches from physical therapy or if it actually aches. 

So as the beautiful days pass, I wonder what if any running I will be doing this month.  I am doing rehab almost every day.  It was feeling better but now seems to be sore, SIGH.  My guess, I am now hoping to be running small miles in two more weeks which puts me around May 25th - a good two months after I actually rolled this thing (however started PT on April 24th).  This is not how I saw this year starting out.  Maybe ultras and marathons aren't for me, don't know but I am at a point where running a 5k would just be fun.

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