Sunday, June 14, 2015

Peroneal Tendonosis - feeling a tad better?

On June 11th, 2015, after 2.5 months of dealing with PT, it is feeling a tad better but I am cautiously optimistic.  PT has a tendency to come back if you overdue it.  On the 11th,  I hit the bike for 32 minutes for 9 miles and it all felt good.  What is sort of working:  a combination of ankle strengthening (3 days a week), rest, and stretching....and throw in the ankle brace which I am off of now.  What I have done, dry needling, massage, rolling, stick and foot ice buckets.  Its starting to feel good and will walking be doing little bit on Saturday.  Well, I walked a little more than I wanted and walked 7+ miles according to my fitbit b/c of all the baseball games I had to go to.  Now of course, the ankle is a little sore which I guess is expected.  Today on Sunday, its kinda sore when I woke up.  The gastrocnemius and soleus are tight which is what I expected.  So we will see how it feels today, another baseball game and will try hit the bike later today.  I will try not to walk to much today and stay off my foot and see how it feels.

Either way, I think it is feeling better but who knows at this point.  Will re access next week

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