Sunday, November 8, 2015

PR IBC Veteran’s Day 5k

 After taking 10 days off running to heal my "pain" on the right lateral side of my right foot and dealing with a above average head cold, I figured why not run a 5k today.  We decided to run the PR IBC Veteran’s Day 5k in Fairfax, VA.  Nic had a 9U Cannons tryout later in the day and Zach had a VSA game in West Virginia so Heather and I let them take the 5k off.  However, Heather wanted to get a tempo run in and I just wanted to get a run in b/c I had run 2 miles in 10 days.  The 5k was at 11895 Grand Commons Ave., Fairfax, VA 22030 at Fairfax Corner, VA and it was a course we had just run two weeks prior so we both knew it.  My legs were pretty fresh but with the head cold just wanted to see if I could get a decent run in.  I had no idea what time I would run.  So Heather and I do a .75 mile warm-up.  I could feel week from not running and being sick but figured getting a nice run in would be good. 

The race started at 8:00am so we got to the starting line around 7:50am.  I usually like to hop in the front b/c I can usually keep a nice low 6 min pace but today, I figured I would be a min slower so I stayed in the back and wasn't in a real hurry to get out.  Anyhey, the gun goes off and the first mile is a tad up and down.  After the first mile, I had a decent split of 6:55, not bad for not running at all and just coming back from peroneal tendonosis in my left ankle.  My next mile sucked as the second one always does which was a 7:16, I followed it up with a 7:15 third mile and sprinted to the end for a 22:05/7:03 pace good for 37/216 males and 5th out of 28 males in the 40-44 crowd.  PR races are always stacked especially on Veterans day when the services run against each other.  Anyhey, the only issue I had was a little aching in the left peroneal after the race but that was probably more tightness in the left calf area.  Below are some shots of me in the race:

Me finishing the race - I sprint the last .2 of a mile so I was wiped out.

Another shot of me coming into the finish line.

I think this was around mile 2.8 or so coming into the final turns of the race.

Beginning of the race.

Love that heal striking!!!

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