Sunday, November 11, 2012

Running with your shirt off = naked?

Yesterday, the family ran the Nearly Naked mile in Reston, VA and had a great time.  I paced zman and he ended up getting a 8:27 mile which is about 9 seconds faster than his one on the track.  The mile had some decent uphills so probably a little tougher than running on the track.  Personally, I was tempted to jump in the sub-6 group but I ran 10 miles the day before and the legs are still coming back after the marathon a few weeks back.  Got 15 miles tomorrow at National Battlefied tomorrow and am looking forward to it.  Got a  little sciatica ache going on but once it warms up, I should be fine.  If for some reason, it starts causing problems, will quit at the 10 mile loop mark but I think I should be fine.  I will be getting my new shoes in tomorrow - the ASICS GEL-Arctic™ 4 WR Men Yellow will be coming in tomorrow and can't wait!

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