Saturday, December 29, 2012

Running in the pouring rain

Our annual Christmas week trip to Emerald Isle, NC included a 5K this year.  We had missed it when we were down there last year.  I love having the experience of running in different locations plus it was a chance to get in one last race for the year.  So we signed up for the Resolution 5K in Beaufort NC.  The morning of the race it was pouring down rain. I'm not exaggerating when I say pouring.  This was torrential, flood the streets, can't see to drive rain.  We headed out to Beaufort anyway to see if the rain would stop or the race would be postponed.  Worse case scenario we could pick up our cool race water bottle and grab some coffee.  We got there and learned that 5 people had checked in for the race so far...4 of them were us.  The rain was still coming down hard by 8:30 at race start.  The kids and I discussed just doing the 1 mile fun run since the rain was so bad.  At 8:30 the race director said go and all 18 of us took off on a nice flat fast course on Front Street right along the Beaufort Inlet.  It would have been a gorgeous view if it would have been clear.  The race course also would have been super fast if you hadn't been dodging floods in the middle of the street.  As it was, it was still pretty cool as they closed down the whole street and had 2 police cruisers and a fire truck out there just for our little run.  ZMan took off ahead of Nickel and I, but I still had him in view when we got to the 0.5 mile turn around.  ZMan decided that he was going to keep going.  The rain had slowed. Nickel took a little convincing and a few Gummi Bear bribes, but then he got into it and wanted to do the entire 5K as well.  ZMan was chugging along in front of us and since the street was flat I could see him the whole way.  Nickel and I were running slowly and talking and telling stories and having fun the whole way.  I think he ran through every puddle in the street, but he was happy. When we got to the 0.5 mile to go mark, we saw JD (best Dad ever) coming back to run in with ZMan.  Once ZMan and JD crossed the finish line, they both stood out in the rain to cheer Nickel and I on to the finish.  We didn't kill it on time, finishing in 37 minutes and some change, but we had a really fun family experience.  I would love to run the course again in nicer weather. Nickel and I post-race
My wet boys after the race

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