Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolution Run 5k - Beaufort, NC

After hearing about the Beaufort, NC 5k run last year when were down at Emerald Isle, we decided to give it a try this year.  Coming a few weeks after my Seashore 50k, I didn't know how my legs were feeling.  The right knee was a tad tight and most likely suffering from runner's knee because it didn't ache while running but would ache a tad afterwards.  So came the day of the 5k which was on December 29th, 2012.  Woke up around 5:30am for a 8:30am race - looked outside and said "shit", its raining...not just raining, mega downpours and we figured what the hell.  Get there around 7am to get our bibs and complimentary bottle.  At that point we are told 5 people have checked in, four of them were us.  Back to the car waiting for the race to start, I snapped a quick shot:

So time comes for the race and its me, two brothers who run track at their high school in Fredrick, some girl who runs track at ECU and a 13 year old girl who is ranked first in her age group in Maryland....and BTW did I mention, it was POURING...and I mean really coming down.  But all 18 of us sucked it up and the woman on the bullhorn said go.  I tried to hang with the lead dudes which I did for about a mile but then faded...I ran 4 miles the last two days each and didn't know how I would feel.  By mile 1.5, my left lace came undone and stopped to tie it...yes, stopped - at this point, I knew there was no PR coming.  Ended up finishing with a 21:26 and really didn't run that hard.  As soon as I finished, I turned around and ran back to the .5 mile mark to pick up zach when he would come through and then ran in with him.  Zach got a 34 something and nic did a 36 something....Came in 6th overall but it really didn't matter.  After the race, we went to the Cru Coffee shop and changed as well as get some espresso's in us!  Before the race, the race director got a picture of us waiting before the start:

Here is another shot of the start - notice the lack of, yes, runners!  Thats me on the end in the front in my Seashore 50k yellow shirt...

Last year, they over 150 runners, this year - 18...oh well, had alot of fun in Beaufort, NC.  Saw this picture on the Crystal Countdown facebook page for Beaufort, NC - its a shot of me coming in at the finish line:
 Went back today and got some pictures of the race course when it wasn't raining.  This was the starting line and the straight away was about .5 miles long before you did an out and back type run.

Had a blast and might do it again next year.  I might run the Frozen 5k this coming Sunday but don't know yet.  Knee feels fine but I will need to take a break soon.  I really don't know what they would of done if 150 people showed regarding bathrooms??  They had a police car lead the way which was nice but no one was getting lost there.  I got a water bottle for signing up, no shirt...oh well.  The race director was pretty cool and had all the right intentions.  The hurricane like winds and massive flooding didn't help with the crowds either...only the hard cores showed...however, the running duricks never miss a chance to be miserable :).

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