Monday, September 30, 2013

And the hits keep coming!

<SIGH>, yes, that is how I feel right now.  Yesterday (Sunday am), in an attempt to test out my head lamp, I went up to the Manassas Battlefied and get a 10 mile run in at 5am.  I had planned to run with another guy but he bailed at the last minute.  So what happens next, I roll my ankle about 1.5 miles into the pissed am I.  I only did about 7 miles and it didn't feel great but didn't hurt that bad either.  The ankle looks pretty good, little to no bruising at all.  My calf is real tight and have been massaging it like crazy.  Tomorrow, I will be getting acupuncture on the ankle which has worked for me in the past.  Given that I have the Oil Creek 100k in 5 days, I will be icing and resting, lightly stretching the calf all week.  It should be good to go and if not, oh well.  Right now, it doesn't hurt when I walk and is basically kind of tight - if I had to run today, I just don't know I could make it.  However, I have 106 hours till race time...that is 4 solid days of rest and stretching...

To address the left foot issue, the nerve entrapment I had left as soon as it came....I can still feel a little bit but that is the least of my problems.  I am going to hit the bike on Wednesday just to stretch the legs out and sweat a little.    Hopefully, the ankle is strong enough to handle those Oil Creek hills???

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