Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolution 5k 2014 - Beaufort, NC

On 1/1/2014, Heather the boys and I ran the Resolution 5k in Beaufort, NC.  As always, I had been dealing with some hip issues but was working through them.  I ran that week but had not run much the previous weeks as I was resting the hip and just biking.  Well, the race was at 9am and we got there around 7:30am - chilled at the coffee shop near front street where the race was going to be starting from.  This year, it looked as if it was going to have around 100 people - better than the 31 people from last year's monsoon.  So 9am rolls around, I do about .5 mile warmup run and get back to the line.  There were a couple of track starts at the front so I told myself, try to stay with them as long as you can.  Well, I stayed with them for about a mile and that was about it.  The race was an out and was flat but very windy that day and I got a 21:10/6:48 pace for 5th overall and first in my age group.  Any other time, I would of run that course faster but after no real running for a month, I was happy to be running somewhat pain free.  After we finished, we headed back to the coffee place to warm up  - then off to the Penguin plunge at 1am at Atlantic Beach...

All in all, its a low key event with limited bathrooms.  Everyone had fun and that's all we were looking for!
Leaders take off...two high school track champions, me, and a bunch of little kids!

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