Sunday, January 4, 2015

BRATS Frozen 5K and Exciting Sign Up!!

Since JD already did a recap, I won't spend too much time on BRATS Frozen 5K.  The new course is OK.  It's just an out and back and is hilly on the way back with 135' of elevation gain over the course with most of it in mile 2.  The downhill on the way out is nice.  Having access to Sport and Health for bathrooms and post race activities is great.  As always, awards are terrific.  My only real complaint is that I wish they would fix the results so you can get chip and gun time.  The online results only have gun time which sometimes causes confusion if someone has a faster gun time than you, but then places behind you because you have a faster chip time.
My running friend and I before the race

Summary of my run: Should be renamed Dying a Slow Death 5K because that's what I did once again.  In all fairness it was downhill on the way out and pretty much uphill and into the wind on the way back.  7:32 mile 1; 8:28 mile 2; and pathetic 9:15 on mile 3; 8:15 last 0.1.  Overall I was OK with my time.  Good enough for 4th in my age group.  Temperatures were great but the course was not PR friendly even if I was in shape for it.  Final time:  26:23 for me and 25:52 and 25:54 for the boys.

The kids did a great job in their age group so we have two 5Ks in the books in the first 4 days of January.  The kids and I are going to try to log 2015 miles as a team in 2015 so they have each committed to 4 miles per week.  We are all pretty excited about that.
Little brother rubbing it in to big brother that he out kicked him.  Big brother is clearly not happy!

In other exciting news, JD and I signed up for Mega Transect an insane ultra in central Pennsylvania on August 29.  I am beyond excited about this race.  Registration online was insane yesterday with wait times of 16 and 25 minutes respectively for us to finally get our confirmation that we were in.


  1. Great family commitment to running! I frequently do the same in 5Ks - so easy to go out too hard. The MegaTransect sounds so cool. If your travels take you anywhere near Philadelphia or Bucks County let me know - We'd love to see you!!

    1. Thanks Kelli! I'm going to miss bumping into you at PR Races.