Monday, January 7, 2013

BRATS Frozen 5K - Manassas, VA

So Heather and I decided to run the BRATS Frozen 5K..this would be my second time running this race, Heather's first...Last year, I got 21:18 which at the time was good for me since it was only my 2nd 5k.  Knowing I was going to run this race,  I tried to get some miles in while on vacation down in North Carolina.  However, I had this chest cold thing going on and was only getting worse.  To boot, my left achilles was aching a tad which most likely stemmed from a tight left calf.  So the day of the race arrives (1/6/2013) and we wake up, look outside....good, no rain for this one.  Looked at the thermometer  - ouch 26F.  Nothing exactly running weather but what the hell.  Hoped in the car and headed up to the GMU Freedom Aquatic and Fitness there around 7:30 for an 8:30 am race.

Here is a picture of us just chilling in the car half awake:

Heather and I ran about a mile together and then she went to go stretch out some more.  I went back out for another .5 miles given it takes me at least 2 miles before I can even warm up.  I get back and we mosey over to the starting line and the introduce this 8 year old boy who is the 8 year old USA junior XC champion - and runs a 5:40 mile.  I am thinking GREAT...another phenom thats going to smoke me.  Finally, off goes the gun..I take off around a 6 minute mile pace and hit my first mile at 6:21.30 according to the trusty garmin.  I am feeling pretty good as this is a flat course but the weather, a steamy 27F at this point has my fingers freezing and lungs burning...We go out and hit the turn around mark and I hit the 2nd mile at a slow 6:50.  I really need to work on my second mile - it really turns out to be the difference maker.  From miles 2-3 I run a 6:34....approaching the final turn towards the finish I can see the clock which is at this point, I know I am more than 3 seconds away from this thing and am cursing all the way to the finish.  I end up with a personal best 20:02 but NOT sub 20 which is something I would like to have.  If I trained for 5k's, maybe I could improve my times.   So I check my times on the computer and it says I come in 4th but the Master's winner took one spot moving me up to third...before I knew I had come in third, heather took a quick picture of me:

However, when I found out that I actually came in third, I was pretty excited..below is a picture of heather celebrating with me:

Of note, Heather also PR'd with a time of 24:29 which is awesome...however, her group was stacked and came in 7th out of 49...It was a great time by all and will most likely do it again next year!  Now, rest that massive head cold I have been fighting all week...probably start running later this week and start training for the Run your Heart out 5k (PR event) in February.  Here is a link to me finishing the race: HERE.

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