Sunday, November 17, 2013

Peroneal Tendonitis update #2

Last week, I started running again which was a good thing.  On Thursday, I ran a whole mile and it felt pretty decent.  However, the first couple times you come back from not running, its not a good judge on how your foot will feel.  On Friday, ran 3 miles and felt a few more aches but nothing too painful.  So I decided to pace Heather on the Backyard Burn at Wakefield park in Annondale, VA (Sunday - Nov 10th)..The left foot felt pretty good for the entire run and didn't really ache at all which was surprising.  The last two days, Monday and Tuesday I have been biking pretty 45 minutes each with some uphill climbs thrown in.  Just below the ankle bone started to ache but didn't really hurt.   I took off wed and Thursday the 13th and 14th and ran 5+ miles on Friday the 15th.  Foot didn't ache that much although it was 26 degrees out that morning...Went to cheer heather on for her Richmond Marathon on Saturday. 

All in all, the foot aches in two places, the side of the foot and under the ankle bone.  It mainly aches when not using it although when using it does not really ache at all - classic peroneal tendonitis.

So here is my running miles from the last several weeks while trying to recover from this tendonitis:

9/30 - 10/6:  63 miles (Oil Creek 100k)
10/7 - 10/13:  6 miles (Heritage 5k, won age group)
10/14 - 10/20:  14 miles
10/21 - 11/3 - 14 days no running (biked the second week)
10/28 - 11/03 - 26 miles bike
11/4 - 11/10 - 10 miles, 24 miles bike
11/11 - 11/17 - 11 miles, 17 miles bike
11/18 ???????????????

So things are going slow as you can see but I have decided not to run the Seashore 50k in Dec...could I run it, prolly could but ran it last year and if I can't do sub 5 hours, its not worth the next race for me looks like the Holiday lake 50k in Feb 2014...will be jogging out some 5k's with the kids this winter...although would like to place in my age group but not worth reinjuring myself....

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