Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving runs and coming back from injuries

Well, after the OC 100k, I had been dealing with peroneal tendonitis in my left foot and after that ended, some left hip pain.  I ran the Freeze your Gizzard 5k in Leesburg, VA on the 23rd of November with Zach.  He did really well running a 29:12 - I paced him the whole way with an aching left hip.  After coming back from foot tendonitis, I ramped up a tad to quickly in the wall squat/lunge department inflaming something b/c it hurt like a, I took a few days off and tried to rub it out...nope, no I didn't run which sucked and figured I would take this week off.  However, yesterday, ran 2.5 with Heather here in New Castle, PA and it felt pretty good so I figured I would pace her at the Wobble Gobble 5k in Hermitage, PA.  Last year, I won my age group and figured I could do the same if I was healthy but I decided to run very easy.  We wake up this morning and its a steamy 9F degrees..Get to Buhl Park, get our bibs and shirts, back to the car and warm up.  Finally, get out and run about .5 miles to see if the hip is working.  Feels ok so far....gun goes off and we are running an easy 9 min pace however, the path is all snowed over and everyone is slipping and sliding...Even if I was healthly, I don't know how fast I would be running this bitch...So I keep about a 9 min pace during the whole race and make sure I don't overdue it on my hip....Talk the whole way during the race and you could tell people were just hating me...the wind was cold and the course slippery...Finished the race with a 28:07...and heather ended up getting a THIRD PLACE AG award...way to go heather...Overall, I am planning to start training for a 50k in February next week which will be perfect.  All in all, its been an up and down month and 1/2 but I am glad that things are moving forward....hopefully, I can run the resolution 5k in NC hard and possibly do well.

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