Friday, November 8, 2013

Peroneal Tendonitis update

Went back to the foot and ankle specialist today for a follow-up.  I mentioned how I have been riding the bike and doing stretches daily as well as a small run on November 7th (1 mile).  I asked him how would I know if I had a tear or not and he did an ultrasound on my peroneal tendons up and down my left foot.   No tear.  It still aches a little bit while I sit at work but doesn't ache that much when I walk.  He mentioned going for a run this weekend and I decided a slow 3 mile run today.  Welp, the run was ok and I felt a few dull aches pass over just below the left ankle bone.  However, it comes and goes and didn't really affect the running.  Ran a slow 9:45 pace just to get some miles in.  Tomorrow, I will take running off and hit the bike for 45 minutes just to keep the legs fresh.  Then on Sunday, will get a few more miles in.  I will probably be doing light mileage for the next two weeks which is alot different that what I had been doing before the OC100k race.  So, all in all, I took approximately 19/20 days off running and it killed me...Here was my schedule when the peroneal tendonitis came on:

Week 1:  October 18 (last time ran - did no running until November 7th
Weeek 2:  Started biking on October 28th, biked for 20 minutes every day and did peroneal tendonitis stretches
Week 3 (start November 4th - rode bike 30 minutes nov 4th, 5th, 6th)
November 7th - ran 1 mile - slow pace.
November 9th  - ran 3 miles. - slow pace

I really miss the Fridays when I would drop by the Manassas Battlefield and get in a quick 10-13 miles...Seems like so long ago...either way, I will get back to it.  It may take me a few more weeks to get the foot used to running again and have to make sure I take care of it and not overdue it.

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