Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A real 5K PR

So I have a secret not quite 5K PR of 24:26.  The problem is that this PR was at the Red Shoe 5K last year which ended up being 2.9 miles so not quite a 5K.  So my true 5K PR is 24:59 at this year's Gobble Wobble in which I placed 3rd in my age group.  At the first 5K of the year, I really wanted to better that PR, get sub-24:30, and hopefully place in my age group.  I accomplished 2 of 3 at the BRATS Frozen 5K this weekend.  It truly was frozen with a race start temperature of 28F, but it didn't feel that cold once I ran a warm-up mile.  I stayed outside and kept loose until it was time to run.  Then I took off with the rest of the crazy people at the front of the pack.  I ran a 7:20 first mile which is one of the best first miles that I've ever run in a 5K.  I held on during the second mile for 7:56.  The third mile was where Thursday's 16 mile long run started to catch up with me.  My legs started to feel really tired and heavy.  I was trying to get myself to hang onto sub-8 for that last mile, but I couldn't do it and ended with a 8:15 for the last mile.  By the time I crossed the finish line, I had a 24:29 so I PR'd still not beating my fake Red Shoe PR, but bettering my legit 5K PR.  I also got the sub-24:30 that I wanted.  However, when I checked the standings, I was 7/49 in my age group.  There were some crazy fast women out there on Sunday, and I wasn't one of them.  I was still happy with my run.  I am beginning to believe that with a bit of work I can get to sub-23.  Since I'm back in marathon training, I haven't been focusing on 5Ks or speed, but I've been getting faster just because my stamina is better.  If I can put together 3 consistent sub-8 miles, I can do this thing.  Maybe this spring after the B&A Trail Marathon is over, I will do some track work and see what happens.
Gainesville Moms Run This Town post-race

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