Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK 10k Trail Run fiasco

Heather, the kids and I went out to Wakefield park in Annandale, VA to do the Martin Luther King 10K Trail Run & 5K Trail Hike today.  Figuring we had nothing else really to do, we decided what the hell and just head over.  Plus, they give away a shirt - I will run anywhere if it involves a free shirt.  Roll up around 7:30am for a 9am race, yea, what the hell are we doing there so early?  And is not even a races that will have awards or results.  Damnit, I need to compete...oh well, after the shock wore off from the fact that this wasn't a *real* race, it didn't really bother me.  Besides, I just ran 10 miles yesterday at Manassas Battlefield so the legs were a bit tired plus the left achilles a tad tight.  So after a brief intro to the course, we were off.  About a mile into the race we hit our first "which way do we go" statement.  10k runners follow the orange, 5k runners follow the red.  Well the people in the woods part of the race didn't seem to know either and that is where everything turned upside down.  Next thing you know people were going in all different directions.  About 3+ miles in I see Zach asking one of the race volunteers which way to go.  Of course, he had no idea - so I cut across the course and ask Zach if he was running by himself and he said yes.  So we both followed the 10k signs out until we saw heather and company and finally found a path back to the parking lot...Wow, what a mess.  But, they had a cool shirt and awesome soup...not bad for an 8k training run...Next year, lets hope its more organinzed.

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