Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saucony Trail Run Sunday

Heather and I drove out to the Potomac Lakes Park Sports Complex in Sterling, Virginia today to get a cool 10 mile trail run in sponsored by PR racing and Saucony.  If you got there early enough, you got to try a pair of shoes by Saucony.  Apparently, the park would be the start of the North Face 50k Endurance challenge in June of this year so I was excited to see what the trails would be like.  They ran it with different groups, some did 90 minutes, 60 minutes, and 30 minutes.  I ran with the 90 minute crowd doing about a 9:30 ish pace which was good for me on the trail.  Especially coming off a week with a chest cold, it was nice to get a trail run in with some cool people at Potomaic river  running.  The course was pretty muddy so it was hard to gauge how it would be in June but lots of single track plus it had some nice hills about 3-4 miles into the run.   This should be pretty challenging when the 50k comes rolling around.  Talked to a bunch of people which was cool and met this one guy who ran the BEAST series which entails 3 50k's, 1 50 miler, 1 100k, and 1 100 miler - SICK!  It would be something if I could ever get to that and definitely something to shoot for so we will see!  All in all, had a cool day and really enjoyed running there - we might have to get out there again.

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